Finding The One.


Whether you love or loathe clothes shopping deciding on a wedding dress can take you out of your comfort zone and poses the most searched-for wedding blog…. 

The “big” question (not that one, you’ve already said yes to that one) but rather “which wedding dresses will suit my body shape?”

It’s something that pops up frequently when brides are taking their first tentative steps towards booking an appointment to find their dream dress be it at a wedding fayre, recommendation or contact via social media.

Having worked with both designers and in boutiques I find it’s not a question that is easily answered.  If it were, appointments would last about 30 minutes as your Bridal Consultant would present a selection of dresses to “suit your body shape” and having chosen one of these you and your Bride Tribe could go off to enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I have lost count of the number of times a bride has fallen in love with a dress that, in theory, shouldn’t work for their “body shape” but looks absolutely stunning and, most importantly, the bride feels comfortable and confident. 

Whilst your Bride Tribe will have known you infinitely longer than your Bridal Consultant we have a myriad of knowledge and experience in our arsenal to help you choose and decide on your dress.  Your body language speaks volumes and I can often tell how a bride feels about a dress before we leave the changing room to show her friends and relatives.  It’s imperative that your choice reflects your individuality and hard and fast rules of dressing for your shape don’t take into account your emotions, wedding theme or how fabrics can feel against your skin.

Having spent time during the appointment listening and observing it can be the last dress pulled for you to try often accompanied with the words “just trust me on this one” that turns out to be the dress for you.

So how do you know that you have found “the one”?

 People may declare that you will know instantly when you put it on and, for some, this is the case but for others it can be similar to how you feel about your partner.  You don’t know why you love them, you can’t always put your finger on it but you know that you do, it just feels right and when this happens the rules need not apply!

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