Keeping Cool at your Wedding

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As we continue with one of the longest, driest and warmest summers on record we thought we’d share some of our top tips on how to keep cool on your wedding day…

1. Keep Hydrated – Staying sensibly hydrated will help keep you feeling cool and refreshed during what is often a very long day! Make sure you drink plenty of water on the days leading up to your wedding and on the day itself, have plenty of smaller, bottles dotted around for both you and your guests to use throughout your ceremony, the wedding photos, wedding breakfast and through into the evening.

2. Spritz! – A quick spritz of cool water can feel wonderfully refreshing! Discuss this with your makeup artist and she’ll make sure it doesn’t affect your hair or makeup during the day!

3. Consider Hairstyles – A simple ‘up-do’ can look elegant and feminine and will help to keep you feeling cooler. Experiment with a few different versions of your preferred style to see if lifting some hair off your shoulders and back works with your preferred look.

4. Air Conditioning – Check with your venue as to whether they are air-conditioned, and if not ask them what they do in the event of extreme temperatures. Do they hire units, provide fans, additional shaded areas for photos outside?

5. Fan! – There are some truly gorgeous fans on the market and carrying one on your wedding day is both elegant and practical! You could provide them for key members of your wedding party – or even your guests!

6. Get Fruity! – Alcohol can dehydrate you – so opt for retro pitchers of fruit-infused ice water at the entrance of your outdoor ceremony. Some fruits, like watermelon and mango, can actually help reduce your body temperature too!

Above all, talk to your venue and suppliers – they’ll have lots of experience and some great additional advice to share too!

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