Let’s talk about sizing…


We are constantly bombarded with images of “perfect” size Celebrities or  “Influencers” and told that we should aspire to look this way or that so it’s not  surprising that one of the subjects we don’t often want to talk about is size.   Especially as high street clothing sizes can change dramatically from store to  store. 

Having been in business for 27 years Sarah, from The Bridal Gallery in Brinklow gives her thoughts….. 

“We’ve been surprised, in the last couple of months, to have been contacted by girls  who’ve been unable to find gowns in their size, to try on in stores & asking, prior to  booking an appointment with us, whether we carry dresses over a size 14. 

We’ve always carried dresses in store to try on from sizes 8 – 32.  Whilst we can’t  possibly carry every dress in every size, we choose our collections very carefully,  and ensure that we have a wide selection of sizes, and in styles that suit all figure  types.  

Our Brides are all individual, inside & out, and we want them all to know that  whatever figure shape and size they are, we’ll have gorgeous gowns for them to  choose from.  

We won’t try to squeeze you into a dress that’s quite obviously too small for you – no one benefits from that experience – and will leave a Bride feeling disheartened.  

Wedding gown sizes are very different to High Street clothing.  For a start, you’ll be  wearing a fitted dress, which doesn’t contain stretchy Lycra – which is everyone’s  friend!  How often, in your everyday life, do you wear full – length gowns,  professionally fitted & altered to fit your figure?  Probably not on a weekly basis! 

Once our bridal consultants have helped you to select the perfect dress for your  special day, you’ll be measured (bust, waist & hip). We then consult the  measurement chart supplied by the designer of your gown and these measurements  will determine the size that we order for you.  

Once your dress arrives in store, it will then be professionally fitted & altered by our  in-house seamstresses to ensure a fabulous fit, before being perfectly steam pressed  prior to collection, just before the big day.    

There….. talking about sizes wasn’t that scary was it!

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