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Pinterest has most definitely become the ‘go-to’ search engine for wedding planning – it’s totally addictive, free, and full of amazing images and inspiration!

As a bride-to-be, you’re probably spending a fair bit of time browsing on the internet, gathering ideas and images. With Pinterest every time you see an image you like on a website you can ‘pin’ it, either by clicking directly on the image or by copying the image URL and saving it to your Pinterest board.

Multiple Boards
On your Pinterest account you can set up as many boards as you want with different titles to cover all aspects of your wedding planning – flowers, shoes, hair, stationary etc… You simply add anything that catches your eye to the relevant board.

You can e-mail pins from your board to friends and wedding suppliers to show them your ideas.
You can also invite other people to pin to your board, so they can add images of things they think you’d like. It’s a great way to communicate and plan– particularly if you’re struggling to arrange meetings with everyone.

Themes and Styling
Many brides like to theme and style their wedding day in a particular way. For some this is an easy task, but if you’re struggling to choose a preferred theme then Pinterest gives you the opportunity to create different boards and different styles until something stands out and you know you’ve found your ‘look’.

Wedding Dress Shopping
A Pinterest board on wedding dress styles can be a real help before you visit your Phoenix Gowns stockist. We have lots of styles and if you already have something in mind then we can help you find your dream dress! When you go wedding dress shopping, show your boards to the boutique salesperson so she gets a good idea of what you like – yes, Pinterest has a mobile app too!

Get Started
Visit Pinterest, open an account and have a look around. Decide what boards you’re going to have and start pinning! If you’re still unsure, head over to the Phoenix Gowns Pinterest page for lots of ideas to get you started and give us a Pinterest follow too!

Check out our Pinterest board

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