Working Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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For many years the bridal retailer has been a staple of the high street. You may not
have noticed this until you or a friend needed one, but small, independent boutiques
are the backbone of the wedding industry.

Some wedding professionals are providing their experience and expertise via a
service; photographers, caterers or musicians and they may be based at home or in
a premise that isn’t suitable for potential customers to visit. Your local bridal boutique
will have spent many hours of love, sweat and tears providing a welcoming haven in
which you can comfortably choose the wedding dress of your dreams, attended by
well trained, experienced Bridal Consultants.

Our retail partners differ greatly in size when it comes to their boutiques. Some may
operate on an appointment only basis as they only have one changing room & will
see one bride at a time. Others, who have a 3 – 4 changing room capacity, would
have welcomed those with appointments as equally to those who hadn’t called
ahead. Again, the number of those in the bridal party can vary from one close relative
or friend to several bridesmaids, also including Mums of both bride and groom,
Auntie’s or Grandma’s.

Whatever the boutique’s size, capacity or policy their excellent service is the one
constant that will continue into the changing face of specialist retail that the
Coronavirus will leave us with.

Some local bridal boutiques will have spent their time during lockdown busy sewing
scrubs or PPE for the NHS but all will have been planning and reshaping their
business model to best accommodate brides and ensure that they still receive an
outstanding level of service. Some may offer extended opening hours to ensure that
only one bride is in the premises at a time or ask that the bridal party be reduced to
one or two close family members. As guidance changes they will react accordingly.
If you are concerned about how your local bridal boutique is going to operate ensure
that you follow them on social media, as updates are most likely to be posted there.
Please call ahead to ensure that you have an appointment and ask any questions
that you may have. This will help the boutique to manage the visitors to the store,
maintain health, safety and the wellbeing of all visitors & staff.

With an independent boutique you can rest assured that all the dresses will be
thoroughly maintained. Whilst there is no current evidence to suggest that the
Coronavirus lingers on fabric, our retail partners are experts in ensuring that all their
stock is kept in pristine condition, be it an off the peg dress or in store sample.
Many of our retail partners also have in-house alteration or design services so don’t
be surprised if your Bridal Consultant is wearing a bespoke masks that has been
hand beaded or edged in delicate French lace!

Good luck with your wedding planning, we look forward to welcoming you to the
Phoenix family soon.

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